Photo of the exterior window displaying the Krab Kingz logo.

Krab Kingz

We are a Fast Casual Seafood Restaurant specializing in "Florida-Style" Crab boils. Crab, Shrimp and Lobster tail paired with potatoes, eggs, corn, and sausages then topped with mouthwatering butter sauce & seasonings... That's what we do! So put your bibs on and get your hands dirty (well.. we do have gloves and crackers) But nonetheless, get ready for mouthwatering seafood!

It is our daily mission to provide irresistible food, incredible service, and infectious atmosphere to every guest by putting quality, people, and guest experience FIRST!

We are Family and we desire for partners, employees, vendors, and our guests to be and feel like they are an extension of that family. We put people before product, consensus before conflict, quality before quantity, and relationships above all!